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Anmo Peter Cung

Anmo derived from the word “An” which means the press and “Mo” meaning rubbing, the term is usually used only within the kingdom in China. Anmo method using the finger pads of the thumb and knuckles as well, especially for menotok the back.

Anmo Peter Cung known treatment and Slimming Totok Blood Circulation. Pure-Blood Circulation Blood can to treat various diseases such as headache, migraine, vertigo, stiff neck, shoulder, hip, knee, rheumatic, gout, stroke, stomach ulcers, cholesterol, triglycerides. As for Slimming in Anmo Peter Burn Fat Cung used method (using moksha, herbal cigar resembles a solid burned later in the points brought near a source of fat) and Totok ears that aims to regulate the diet.
Now Anmo Peter Cung has been known in all walks of society ranging from government officials, artists, religious leaders, office workers, housewives, up schoolchildren.

History Anmo PETER Cung
Peter Cung physician born in the town of Kalabahi, P. Alor, East Nusa Tenggara in 1971. Since grade 3 elementary school he studied kung fu, full-blooded treatment of workers in the Yin Yang and various other treatments. He learned from his grandfather, uncles and too many teachers. Over time, the physician Peter Cung totoknya to improve medical science known today as the Pure-Blood by Peter Cung Anmo method.

Peter Cung physician came to Jakarta in 1989. He had studied medicine from the years 1990-1993. He decided to get out of medical school to focus on treatment and private kung fu.

Physician Peter Cung started his business in 1994 with treatment around from house to house and also gave private lessons kung fu. He did this round of treatment until 2002. In early 2002 Peter Cung physician began to open clinics in Ivory Anmo Peter Cung Western Mas 4. At first only bertempatkan in a renovated garage, which contained only a chair and a bed full-blooded.

In April 2004 Anmo Peter Cung began moving to Palm Nias IV PA 10 No. 2 due to the need to enlarge the full-blooded and ample parking space. Clinics in Kelapa Nias contains 5-seat full-blooded and 5 beds. However, because of the many patients who came to set the practice is becoming not sufficient anymore.On 22 November 2004 Peter Cung Anmo clinic was officially established at the Boulevard Raya Blok QJ1 No. 18-19 Kelapa Gading. After that followed the opening of branches in BSD on January 10, 2005, and Fatmawati on June 20, 2005.